Bergeijk, Peter A(drianus) G(errit) van

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BERGEIJK, Peter A(drianus) G(errit) van

BERGEIJK, Peter A(drianus) G(errit) van. Dutch, b. 1959. Genres: Economics, International relations/Current affairs. Career: ABN Bank, Amsterdam, Netherlands, affiliated with Amsterdam Economist Country Risk Department, 1985-1987; Groningen University, Groningen, Netherlands, assistant professor of international economics, 1985-87; Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague Senior Economist, directorate general of international economic affairs, 1989-92, Economic Policy Directorate (research unit), 1992-. Consultant; professional trainer in government finance and economic policy. Publications: Handel en diplomatie (title means: Trade and Diplomacy), 1990; Handel, politiek, and handelspolitiek (title means: Trade, Politics, and Trade Policy), 1991; (with J. van Sinderen and E.W.M.T. Westerhout) Anticiperen en reageren op de Europese uitdaging (title means: The European Challenge: Strategies), 1992; (ed., with L.A. Geelhoed and van Sinderen) Met distantie: J.E. Andriessen en het economische bestuur (title means: Liber Amoricum for J.E. Andriessen, Former Minister of Economic Affairs), 1993; Economic Diplomacy, Trade, and Commercial Policy: Positive and Negative Sanctions in a New World Order, 1994; (with R.C.G. Haffner) Deregulation, Privatization, and the Macroeconomy: Measurement, Modelling, and Policy, 1996. Contributor to books. Contributor to periodicals and journals. Address: Ministry of Economic Affairs, P.O. Box 20101, 2500 EL The Hague, Netherlands.

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Bergeijk, Peter A(drianus) G(errit) van

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