Bella Mafia

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Bella Mafia ★★½ 1997 (R)

Overthetop trash and that's meant in the finest possible way. This lurid melodrama, originally a twopart miniseries, concerns the Sicilian mob family, the Lucianos, who have suffered the loss of father Roberto (Farina) and three sons. Widowed matriarch Graziella (Redgrave) decides to join with her three daughtersinlaw, Sophia (Kinski), Teresa (Douglas), and Moyra (Tilly), and avenge their deaths. Oh yes, there's also Sophia's secret son Luca (Marsden), a killer who turns up to insinuates himself into family life. Adapted by La Plante from her novel. 117m/C VHS . Vanessa Redgrave, Nastassja Kinski, Illeana Douglas, Jennifer Tilly, James Marsden, Peter Bogdanovich, Dennis Farina, Gina Philips; D: David Greene; W: Lynda La Plante. TV