Beach Blanket Bingo

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Beach Blanket Bingo ★★★ 1965

Fifth entry in the “Beach Party” series (after “Pajama Party”) is by far the best and has achieved nearcult status. Both Funicello and Avalon are back, but this time a very young Evans catches Avalon's eye. Throw in a mermaid, some moon-doggies, skydiving, sizzling beach parties, and plenty of nostalgic gollygeewhiz fun and you have the classic '60s beach movie. Totally implausible, but that's half the fun when the sunworshipping teens become involved in a kidnapping and occasionally break into song. Followed by “How to Stuff a Wild Bikini.” ♫Beach Blanket Bingo; The Cycle Set; Fly Boy; The Good Times; I Am My Ideal; I Think You Think; It Only Hurts When I Cry; New Love; You'll Never Change Him. 96m/ C VHS, DVD . Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Linda Evans, Don Rickles, Buster Keaton, Paul Lynde, Harvey Lembeck, Deborah Walley, John Ashley, Jody McCrea, Marta Kristen, Timothy Carey, Earl Wilson, Bobbi Shaw, Brian Wilson; D: William Asher; W: William Asher, Sher Townsend, Leo Townsend; C: Floyd Crosby; M: Les Baxter.