Baxter, Stephen

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BAXTER, Stephen

BAXTER, Stephen. British, b. 1957. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy, Novellas/Short stories, Information science/Computers. Career: Worked as a teacher of mathematics, physics, and information technology; full-time writer, 1995-. Publications: SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS: Anti-Ice, 1993; The Time Ships, 1995; Web 2027, 1999; (with A.C. Clarke) The Light of Other Days, 2000; Evolution, 2002. XEELEE SEQUENCE: Raft, 1991; Timelike Infinity, 1992; Flux, 1993; Ring, 1994; Vacuum Diagrams (stories), 1997. NASA TRILOGY: Voyage, 1996; Titan, 1997; Moonseed, 1998. MAMMOTH TRILOGY: Silverhair, 1999; Longtusk, 2001; Icebones, 2002. MANIFOLD SERIES: Manifold: Time, 1999; Manifold: Space, 2000; Manifold: Origin, 2001; Phase Space, 2002. NONFICTION: Angular Distribution Analysis in Acoustics, 1986; (with D. Lisburn) Reengineering Information Technology: Success through Empowerment, 1994; The Role of the IT/IS Manager, 1996; Deep Future, 2001; Omegatropic, 2001. OTHER: Irina (e-book), 1996; Gulliverzone (young adult novel), 1997; Webcrash (young adult novel), 1998; Traces (science fiction stories), 1998. Writer for television. Work represented in science fiction anthologies. Contributor of articles, short stories, and reviews to scientific and computing journals and science fiction magazines. Address: c/o PFD, Drury House, 34-43 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HA, England. Online address: [email protected]