Barry, Tom

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BARRY, Tom. American, b. 1950. Genres: Economics, Geography, International relations/Current affairs, Military/Defense/Arms control, Politics/Government. Career: Seers Weekly, Albuquerque, NM, reporter and editor, 1971-77; Maricopa County Organizing Project, El Mirage, AZ, publicity coordinator, 1977; Navajo Times, Shiprock, NM, reporter, 1978; Interhemispheric Education Resource Center, Albuquerque, senior analyst and writer, 1978-. Publications: Dollars and Dictators, 1982; (with B. Wood and D. Preusch) The Other Side of Paradise, 1984; The Central America Fact Book, 1986; Roots of Rebellion, 1987; (with D. Preusch) The Soft War, 1988; Belize: A Country Guide, 1989; (with R. Garst) Feeding the Crisis, 1990; Guatemala: A Country Guide, 1990; Honduras: A Country Guide, 1990; Panama: A Country Guide, 1990; (with K. Norsworthy) Nicaragua: A Country Guide, 1990; Central America Inside Out, 1991; Costa Rica: A Country Guide, 1991; El Salvador: A Country Guide, 1991; (with D. Vernon) Inside Belize, 1992; Inside Guatemala, 1992; Mexico: A Country Guide, 1992; (with K. Norsworthy) Inside Honduras, 1993; (with B. Sims) On Foreign Soil, 1993; (co-author) Crossing the Line: U.S.-Mexico Relations in the 1990s, 1993; (co-author) The Challenge of Cross-Border Environmentalism, 1994; (co-author) Great Divide, 1994; (with B. Sims) For Richer, for Poorer, 1994; (with D. Vernon) Inside Panama, 1995; (with K. Murray) Inside El Salvador, 1995; Zapata's Revenge, 1995; (with S. Lara and P. Simonson) Inside Costa Rica, 1995; (with E. Leaver) Next 50 Years, 1996; (with M. Honey) Global Focus, 1997. Address: Interhemispheric Resource Center, PO Box 2178, Silver City, NM 88062, U.S.A.