Ball, Ann

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BALL, Ann. American, b. 1944. Genres: Theology/Religion. Career: Teacher in parochial and public elementary, middle, and high schools in Texas and California, 1964-78; Marian Christian High School, Houston, TX, teacher, 1980-85; Security Guard Services, Houston, private investigator, 1981; M. Herman and Associates, Houston, private investigator, 1981; All State Guard Service Inc., Houston, president and owner, 1981-. Publications: Modern Saints, Their Lives and Faces, 1983, Book II, 1990; A Litany of Mary, 1988; Heroes of God: A Coloring Book for Children, 1989; The Holy Names of Jesus, 1990; The Persecuted Church, 1990; Handbook of Catholic Sacramentals, 1991; A Litany of Saints, 1993; Catholic Traditions in Cooking, 1993; Catholic Book of the Dead, 1995; Catholic Traditions in Crafts, 1997; Catholic Traditions in the Garden, 1998; Faces of Holiness, 1998, vol. 2, 2001; A Saint for Your Name-Boys, 1999; A Saint for Your Name-Girls, 1999; The Saints Guide to Joy That Never Fades, 2001; Prayers for Prisoners, 2002; OSU Encyclopedia of Catholic Devotion, 2003; Child's Catholic Encyclopedia. Contributor to periodicals. Address: All State Guard Service Inc., PO Box 7449, Houston, TX 77248, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]