Bagdad Cafe

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Bagdad Cafe ★★★ Out of Rosenheim 1988 (PG)

A large German woman, played by Sagebrecht, finds herself stranded in the Mojave desert after her husband dumps her on the side of the highway. She encounters a rundown cafe where she becomes involved with the offbeat residents. A hilarious story in which the strange people and the absurdity of their situations are treated kindly and not made to seem ridiculous. Spawned a short-lived TV series with Whoopi Goldberg. 91m/C VHS, DVD . GE Marianne Saegebrecht, CCH Pounder, Jack Palance, Christine Kaufmann, Monica Calhoun, Darron Flagg; D: Percy Adlon; W: Percy Adlon, Eleonore Adlon; C: Bernd Heinl; M: Bob Telson. Cesar '89: Foreign Film.