Avenging Angelo

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Avenging Angelo ★ 2002 (R)

The Hound thinks this flick is supposed to be a mobster comedy with some romance and, well, it's such a mess who knows what was intended, except it's not gonna revive Stallone's career. He's bodyguard Frankie Delano. He works for mob boss Angelo Allighieri (Quinn), who gets whacked. Frankie then decides Angelo's daughter Jennifer (Stowe) is in danger, so he goes to protect her. Only Jennifer was adopted and doesn't know she's a mobster's daughter and thinks Frankie is nuts—until she nearly gets whacked. Then she believes him and wants revenge. 96m/C VHS, DVD . Sylvester Stallone, Madeleine Stowe, Harry Van Gorkum, Raoul Bova, Anthony Quinn; D: Martyn Burke; W: Will Aldis, Steve Mackall; C: Ousama Rawi; M: Bill Conti.