Ash Wednesday 2002

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Ash Wednesday ★★ 2002 (R)

On Ash Wednesday, 1983, ex-Hell's Kitchen tough Francis Sullivan (Burns) is working in his bar when his younger brother Sean (Wood) suddenly turns up. Three years ago to the day, Sean killed some thugs after his bro and went into exile, allowing everyone to think he was dead, including his wife Grace (Dawson). In the intervening time, Grace and Francis have become more than just in-laws. Oh, and gangster Moran (Platt) still wants revenge on Sean for killing his goons. The penance references are all too obvious and Wood's an odd casting choice since he looks too young and innocent for his role. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Edward Burns, Elijah Wood, Rosario Dawson, Oliver Platt, Pat McNamara, James Handy, Michael Mulheren, Malachy McCourt; D: Edward Burns; W: Edward Burns; C: Russell Fine; M: David Shire.