Art House

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Art House ★½ 1998 (R)

Ray (O'Donahue) and his irritating pal Weston (irritating Hardwick) aspire to be filmmakers, but the road to success is blocked by rocky relationships, money problems, and lack of talent. The comic elements are fitfully funny but the image is so rough that only the most dedicated fans of low-budget ($200,000 according to the director) independent productions will be willing to stick with it. Those hoping to see a lot of Internet babe Weber will be disappointed. 89m/C DVD . Dan O'Donahue, Chris Hardwick, Luigi Amodeo, Rebecca McFarland, Adam Carolla, Cheryl Pollak, Amy Weber; D: Leigh Slawner; W: Dan O'Donahue, Leigh Slawner; C: Billy Beaird; M: Christopher Lennertz.