April's Shower

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April's Shower ★½ 2003 (R)

April's about to get married, but what few know is that April's been a lesbian most of her life. Her ex-lover, and now bridesmaid, has even kept it a secret. Up until now. A slew of one-dimensional stereotypes parade across the screen, almost like they're at a John Waters audition, to ruin the emotional core. Tries too hard to be comedic and outrageous and oh, so culturally hip, assuming it can elude criticism by playing the indie card. Nope. Even the gay and lesbian crowds will find little amusement. 98m/C DVD . US Maria Cina, Zack (Zach) Ward, Lara Harris, Molly Cheek, Trish Doolan, Frank Grillo, Randall Batinkoff, Arly Jover; D: Trish Doolan; W: Trish Doolan; C: Kristian Bernier, Rory King; M: Jeff Cardoni.