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Apres-Vous ★★ After You 2003 (R)

Sometimes you should just mind your own business. Parisian maitre d' Antoine (Auteuil) saves depressive loser Louis (Garcia) from hanging himself in a park and then feels responsible for making the man happy. He gets Louis a wine steward job, though he has no abilities whatsoever, and seeks to reconcile the sad sack with ex-lover Blanche (Kiberlain), except that Antoine falls for her himself. Auteuil is so good he can make any character believable (even this overzealous nice guy), but this familiar farce doesn't do much to stretch his talents. French with subtitles. 110m/C DVD . FR Daniel Auteuil, Jose Garcia, Sandrine Kiberlain, Marilyne Canto, Michele Moretti, Garance Clavel, Fabio Zenoni, Ange Ruze; D: Pierre Salvadori; W: Pierre Salvadori, Benoit Graffin, David Colombo Leotard; C: Gilles Henry; M: Camille Bazbaz.