Before and After

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Before and After ★½ 1995 (PG-13)

Disjointed drama depicts welloff suburban couple, Carolyn (Streep) and Ben (Neeson), who are thrown into chaos when their teenaged son Jacob (Furlong) is accused of murdering his girlfriend. Upon notification by the police that his son is the prime suspect and on the lam, Ben finds what seems to be bloody evidence in the family's car, which he destroys. The story loses steam from there. Based on the novel by Rosellen Brown, the focus is on the effect the death has on this picture book Massachusetts family. Neeson and Streep fall short of usually deliverable goods and director Schroeder takes the middleoftheroad sentimental approach. 107m/C VHS, DVD . Meryl Streep, Liam Neeson, Edward Furlong, Alfred Molina, John Heard, Julia Weldon, Daniel von Bargen, Ann Magnuson, Alison Folland, Kaiulani Lee; D: Barbet Schroeder; W: Ted Tally; C: Luciano Tovoli; M: Howard Shore.