Radcliffe, Charlotte Maria (d. 1755)

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Radcliffe, Charlotte Maria (d. 1755)

Countess of Newburgh. Name variations: Charlotte Maria Radclyffe. Died in 1755; daughter of Charles Livingstone, 2nd earl of Newburgh; married Thomas Clifford (died 1718); married Charles Radcliffe, in 1724.

The granddaughter of Sir James Livingstone, the first earl of Newburgh, Charlotte Maria Radcliffe succeeded her father Charles Livingstone, the second earl of Newburgh, as countess of Newburgh in 1694. Her first husband, Thomas Clifford, died in 1718, after which she rebuffed the matrimonial advances of Charles Radcliffe (later titular earl of Derwentwater). He responded by sneaking into her private room via the chimney and thereby leaving her no choice but to marry him, which she did in 1724.

Jo Anne Meginnes , freelance writer, Brookfield, Vermont

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