Parturier, Françoise (1919—)

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Parturier, Françoise (1919—)

French novelist, journalist, and playwright. Name variations: (pseudonym) Nicole. Born in Paris, France, in 1919; attended Paris University; married Jean Gatichon, in 1947.

Selected works:

(with Josette Raoul-Duval) Albertine in the Lion's Den (novel, 1958); The Five-day Lover (novel, 1961); An Open Letter to Men (essay, 1968); An Open Letter to Women (essay, 1974); This Crazy Life (play, 1977); Letter from Ireland (essay, 1979); Romatuelle's Heights (novel, 1983).

A French feminist whose popular writings challenge sexual and racial inequality, Françoise Parturier attended Paris University, then taught briefly in the United States (1950–51), before becoming a professional journalist and writer. From 1956 on, her work appeared in a number of popular French journals, including Literary News and Le Figaro. She collaborated with Josette Raoul-Duval on three novels (published under the pseudonym Nicole), before beginning to write under her own name in 1959. Her subsequent work includes novels, feminist essays, and a three-act play, This Crazy Life (1977).

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Parturier, Françoise (1919—)

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