Morgan, Jane Norton Grew (1868–1925)

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Morgan, Jane Norton Grew (1868–1925)

American socialite. Name variations: Mrs. J.P. Morgan. Born Jane Norton Grew on September 20, 1868; died on August 14, 1925; daughter of Henry Sturgis Grew and Jane (Wigglesworth) Grew; married J.P. Morgan (1867–1943, a banker and son ofFrances Louisa Morgan and J. Pierpont Morgan), in December 1890; children: Junius Spencer Morgan (b. 1892); Jane Norton Morgan (b. 1893); Frances Tracy Morgan (b. 1897); Henry Grew Morgan (b. 1900).

Jane Norton Grew Morgan was the wife of J.P. Morgan, son of the banker and railroad owner J. Pierpont Morgan, who once referred to her as "cold roast Boston." With her husband, she lived for some years in London, where she was presented to Queen Victoria only a few years after that privilege was opened to non-aristocrats. Upon their return to New York City around 1905, the Morgans built and lived in a 45-room mansion complete with wine cellar, silver vault and ballroom. A portrait of Jane Morgan painted by John Singer Sargent now hangs in the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York City.


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Morgan, Jane Norton Grew (1868–1925)

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