Mattocks, Isabella (1746–1826)

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Mattocks, Isabella (1746–1826)

English actress . Name variations: Isabella Hallam; Mrs. George Mattocks. Born Isabella Hallam in 1746; died in Kensington, England, on June 25, 1826; daughter of Lewis Hallam (d. 1756, a comedian) and Mrs. Lewis Hallam (an actress, first name unknown, who died in 1774); married George Mattocks who became a theater manager in Liverpool.

At four and a half, Isabella Hallam, the daughter of comedian Lewis Hallam and actress Mrs. Lewis Hallam , played children's parts at Covent Garden. When her family journeyed to America to seek their acting fortune, she remained in England with relatives. Isabella married George Mattocks in 1765, and was chief support of Covent Garden until her retirement in 1808. A comedian and singer, she was noted for her portrayals of chambermaids and old women.

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