Margaret of Parma (b. 1612)

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Margaret of Parma (b. 1612)

Duchess of Parma . Name variations: Margherita of Parma; Margherita de Medici; Margaret de Medici; Margaret Farnese. Born in 1612; daughter of Cosimo II de Medici (1590–1620), grand duke of Tuscany (r. 1609–1620), and Maria Magdalena of Austria (1589–1631); married Odoardo or Edward Farnese, duke of Parma (1612–1646, r. 1622–1646), in 1628.

In 1628, 17-year-old Margaret de Medici was married to Edward Farnese, the duke of Parma, to strengthen ties between the house of Tuscany and Parma, as well as Tuscany's position in Italy. Two generations later, when the throne of Tuscany became vacant, Margaret's descendants became the rightful heirs.

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