Fragonard, Marie Anne (1745–c. 1823)

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Fragonard, Marie Anne (1745–c. 1823)

French artist. Born Marie Anne (also seen as Anne-Marie) Gérard in Grasse, France, in 1745; died in Paris, France, in 1823 or 1824; sister of Marguerite Gérard (1761–1837); married Jean Honoré Fragonard (an artist); children: several.

A student of her husband Jean Honoré Fragonard, Marie Anne, a miniaturist, was soon eclipsed by her younger sister Marguerite Gérard , who joined the Fragonard household at the age of eight. Marie Anne exhibited at the Salon des Correspondance in 1779 but gradually gave up painting to run the household and care for her many children. She remained devoted to her husband and family until her death in 1823 or 1824.

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