Flavia Domitilla (fl. 39 CE)

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Flavia Domitilla (fl. 39 ce)

Roman noblewoman. Flourished 39 ce; daughter of Flavius Liberalis (a Roman freedman, meaning freed slave) and a mother who was the daughter of a Roman freedman; married Titus Flavius Vespasianus (Vespasian), a general and emperor of Rome (r. 69–79 ce), in 39 ce; children: Flavia Domitilla (fl. 60 ce); Titus, Roman emperor (r. 79–81 ce); Domitian (51–96), Roman emperor (r. 81–96 ce); grandchildren: Flavia Domitilla (c. 60–96 ce). See Flavia Domitilla (c. 60–96 ce) for family history.