Dale, Kathleen (1895–1984)

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Dale, Kathleen (1895–1984)

English pianist, widely known for her newspaper and journal articles, as well as a book about music. Born Kathleen Richards in London, England, on June 29, 1895; died in Woking, England, on March 3, 1984; studied piano with Fanny Davies (1861–1934) and York Bowen (1884–1961); studied composition with Benjamin Dale; married Benjamin Dale (1885–1943).

Kathleen Dale studied piano with Fanny Davies and York Bowen and was a composition student of Benjamin Dale, whom she later married. A highly regarded accompanist and chamber-music performer, Kathleen Dale made many radio broadcasts in the 1920s and 1930s. She taught at the Matthay Piano School and the Workers' Educational Association. As a musical scholar, she edited and was the first to publish Schubert's Piano Sonata in E minor. For decades she wrote stimulating newspaper and journal articles and, in 1954, published Nineteenth-Century Piano Music. Dale's obituary in The Times of London noted that her diminutive stature "seems to have acted as a spur to achievement and she commanded a rare intellectual authority."


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