Seymour, Anne (c. 1532–1587)

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Seymour, Anne (c. 1532–1587)

British poet. Born c. 1532; died 1587; dau. of Edward, duke of Somerset, and Anne Stanhope (1497–1587); sister of Margaret Seymour and Jane Seymour; niece of Jane Seymour, queen of England; m. John Dudley (son of the earl of Warwick), 1550; m. Sir Edward Union, 1555.

With sisters Margaret and Jane, wrote Latin elegy to Margaret of Angoulême published by Nicolas Denisot in collection called Annae, Margaritae, Iannae, sororum virginum, heroidum Anglarum, in mortem Diuae Margaritae Valesiae, navarrorum Reginae, Hecadostichon (1550), the 1st encomium in English by women for a woman. The poem, which was immediately successful and translated into Greek, Italian, and French, was republished in French volume Le Tombeau de Marguerite de Valois, Royne de Navarre, Faict premierement en Distiques latins par les trois Soeurs Princesses en Angleterre. Depit traduictz en Grec, Italien, & François par plusiers Odes, Hymnes, Cantiques, Epitaphes, sur le mesme subject (1551).

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