Scieri, Antoinette (fl. 1920s)

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Scieri, Antoinette (fl. 1920s)

Italian-born murderer. Born in Italy; married a man named Salmon; m. Joseph Rossignol (common-law); children: (with Salmon) 2; (with Rossignol) 1.

Immigrated to France at young age; at a clearing station in Doullens during WWI, nursed soldiers from whom she stole money and personal items; arrested (1915) and briefly imprisoned; settled in St. Gilles with Joseph Rossignol (1920) and offered her services as a nurse; poisoned her wards, killing at least 6 (some sources cite 12), including Rossignol; received death sentence (April 27, 1926), which was later commuted to life imprisonment.

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