Duane, Diane (1952–)

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Duane, Diane (1952–)

American science-fiction writer and screenwriter. Born May 18, 1952, in New York, NY; grew up in Roosevelt, LI; attended Dowling College, 1970–71, and Pilgrim State College of Nursing, 1971–74; m. Peter Morwood (Northern Irish writer), 1987.

Was a staff psychiatric nurse at Payne Whitney in NY (1974–76); relocated to California as a writer's assistant (1976–78); published 1st book, The Door into Fire (1979); on marriage, moved to UK (1987), then Republic of Ireland (1988); served as a senior writer on BBC's "Science Challenge"; works include "Star Trek" series (1983–2000), several of which were New York Times bestsellers, "Young Wizards" series (1983–2003), and the novels Wounded Sky (1983), The Door into Shadow (1984), My Enemy, My Ally (1984), On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service (1998) and Stealing the Elf-King's Roses (2002); also wrote several books with bestselling author Tom Clancy, including Virtual Vandals (1998), Safe House (2000) and Death Match (2003), and wrote animated and live-action screenplays. Nominated for Emmy for one of the 1st episodes of "Star Trek" ("Where No One Has Gone Before").

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