football, Gaelic

views updated May 11 2018

football, Gaelic Sport popular in Ireland and dating from the 16th century. Each side has 15 players who may kick, punch, or pass the ball, but not throw it. Players may not pick the ball up from the ground; it may be carried for four paces, and then has to be bounced, kicked or punched away. The pitch is 128m (420ft) and 146m (480ft) long and between 77m (252ft) and 91m (300ft) wide with goalposts at each end. One point is scored for putting the ball over the bar, and three for driving it under the bar. The game lasts 60 minutes (except in the All-Ireland semi-finals and final when it lasts 80 minutes) with two halves, and is controlled by a referee and four goal umpires.