views updated May 23 2018

in·or·gan·ic / ˌinôrˈganik/ • adj. not arising from natural growth. ∎  Chem. of, relating to, or denoting compounds that are not organic (broadly, compounds not containing carbon). Compare with organic. ∎  without organized physical structure. ∎  Linguistics not explainable by the normal processes of etymology.DERIVATIVES: in·or·gan·i·cal·ly / -ik(ə)lē/ adv.


views updated May 21 2018

inorganic Materials of mineral, as distinct from animal or vegetable, origin. Apart from carbonates and cyanides, inorganic chemicals are those that contain no carbon. See also organic.


views updated May 18 2018

inorganic (in-or-gan-ik) adj.
1. not of animal or vegetable origin.

2. (in chemistry) describing or relating to compounds that do not contain carbon.