Walker, Alice: Further Reading

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Offers an annotated bibliography.

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Provides an annotated bibliography.


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Addresses the issue of interracial rape in Meridian and explores the repercussions of the issue on African American women in the novel and in American society.

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An extensive biographical profile of Walker, interspersed with critical analyses of her work.

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Special issue devoted to Walker, with essays and reviews by Theodore O. Mason Jr., Joseph A. Brown, and Keith Byerman.

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Collection of critical essays.

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Explores Possessing the Secret of Joy "as ethnographic, predicated upon and beholden to the legacy of Western anthropology's relationship to and conscription of Africa and blackwomen's bodies."

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Praises Walker's willingness to explore controversial topics in You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down, but faults her perceived tendency to depict all black women as victims of racism and sexism.

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Offers a feminist appreciation of Walker's literary career.

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Views Walker as an apologist and spokesperson for black women, and examines the author's preoccupation with her subject matter.

Viswanathan, Meera, and Evangelina Manickam. "Is Black Woman to White as Female Is to Male?: Restoring Alice Walker's Womanist Prose to the Heart of Feminist Literary Criticism." Indian Journal of American Studies 28, nos. 1-2 (winter-summer 1998): 15-20.

Discusses Walker as a black feminist and situates her feminist writings within the tradition of feminist literary criticism.


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