Moore, Marianne: Principal Works

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Poems (poetry) 1921

Observations (poetry) 1924

Selected Poems (poetry) 1935

The Pangolin and Other Verse (poetry) 1936

What Are Years (poetry) 1941

Nevertheless (poetry) 1944

Collected Poems (poetry) 1951

The Fables of La Fontaine (translation) 1954

Predilections (essays and criticism) 1955

Like a Bulwark (poetry) 1956

O to Be a Dragon (poetry) 1959

A Marianne Moore Reader (poems and prose) 1961

The Absentee (play) 1962

The Arctic Ox (poetry) 1964

Tell Me, Tell Me: Granite, Steel, and Other Topics (poetry and prose) 1966

The Complete Poems of Marianne Moore (poetry) 1967; also published as The Complete Poems of Marianne Moore [revised edition], 1981

The Complete Prose of Marianne Moore (prose) 1986

The Selected Letters of Marianne Moore [edited by Bonnie Costello] (letters) 1997

Becoming Marianne Moore: The Early Poems, 1907-1924 (poetry) 2002

The Poems of Marianne Moore [edited by Grace Shulman] (poetry) 2004

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Moore, Marianne: Principal Works

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