The 1900s Sports: Chronology

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The 1900s Sports: Chronology

1900:     January 29 In professional baseball, Byron Bancroft "Ban" Johnson forms the American League by expanding the former minor-league Western Association to include eastern cities.

1900:     April 19 James Caffrey wins the fourth Boston Marathon with a time of 2 hours, 39 minutes, and 44 seconds.

1900:     May 20-October 28 Paris, France, hosts the Summer Olympic Games, then called the International Meeting of Physical Training and Sport.

1901:     January 8-11 The American Bowling Congress holds the first national Bowling Championship in Chicago, Illinois. The total prize money is $1,592.

1901:     August 21 Joe "Iron Man" McGinty, a Baltimore Orioles pitcher, is expelled from major league baseball for stepping on an umpire's toes, spitting in his face, and punching him. McGinty is later reinstated due to an outcry from his fans.

1901:     September The Pittsburgh Pirates win the National League pennant, while the Chicago White Sox capture the first American League pennant.

1902:     January 1 At the first Tournament of Roses Association football game, held in Pasadena, California, the University of Michigan defeats Stanford University by a score of 49-0. The Rose Bowl becomes an annual event in 1916.

1902:     August 8 The United States defeats Great Britain, three matches to two, to win a second consecutive Davis Cup.

1902:     September The Pittsburgh Pirates win the National League pennant, while the Philadelphia Athletics win the American League pennant.

1902:     April 22 Jack Root defeats Charles "Kid" McCoy for the light heavyweight boxing title.

1902:     August 14 Jim Jeffries defeats James Corbett and retains his heavyweight boxing title.

1902:     October 1-13 In baseball's first World Series, Boston defeats Pittsburgh five games to three.

1902:     November Harvard Stadium, the first stadium built specifically for football, is opened.

1904:     February 22 The National Ski Association holds the first national ski-jumping championship in Ishpeming, Michigan.

1904:     May 5 Denton "Cy" Young pitches the first perfect game under modern baseball rules, not allowing any opposing player to reach first base.

1904:     July 1-November 23 St. Louis, Missouri, hosts the Summer Olympic Games.

1905:      American May Sutton becomes the first non-Briton to win the Wimbledon tennis championship, held at the All-England Club.

1905:     April 5 Yale University defeats Columbia University in the first inter-collegiate wrestling tournament.

1905:     October President Theodore Roosevelt hosts a conference on curbing violence in college football.

1905:     October 9-14 At the second World Series, the New York Giants defeat the Philadelphia Athletics, four games to one.

1905:     December 5 In the first intercollegiate soccer match held in the United States, Columbia University and Cornell University tie, 2-2.

1906:      Daniel J. Kelley sets a world record in the 100-yard dash. His time is 9.6 seconds.

1906:     February 26 Swimmer Charles Daniels ties the world record of 57.6 seconds for the 100-yard freestyle, becoming the first American to swim the distance in less than one minute.

1906:     April 22-May 2 Athens, Greece, hosts the Summer Olympics.

1906:     June 29 Alex Smith defeats his brother Willie in the U.S. Open Golf Tournament.

1906:     October 9-14 The Chicago White Sox beat the Chicago Cubs four games to one in the World Series.

1907:      George Douglas Freeth introduces surfing to the U.S. mainland at Redondo Beach, California.

1907:     February 7 The first national cross-country skiing championship is won by Asario Autio.

1907:     October 8-12 The Chicago Cubs defeat the Detroit Tigers four games to none in the World Series.

1908:      Irving Brokaw begins to promote figure skating in the United States.

1908:     February 14-July 30 A U.S. team wins an automobile race that circled the world.

1908:     April 27-October 31 London, England, hosts the Summer Olympics.

1908:     Fall The National Collegiate Athletic Association assumes control of college basketball rules.

1908:     October 2 Addie Joss of the Cleveland Indians pitches a perfect game against the Chicago White Sox.

1908:     October 10-14 The Chicago Cubs defeat the Detroit Tigers four games to one in the World Series.

1908:     December 26 Jack Johnson becomes the first black world heavyweight boxing champion.

1909:     June 1-29 The first transcontinental auto race is held, from New York City to Seattle, Washington.

1909:     October 8 The Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series, four games to three, against the Detroit Tigers.

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The 1900s Sports: Chronology

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The 1900s Sports: Chronology