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whack / (h)wak/ inf. • v. [tr.] strike forcefully with a sharp blow: his attacker whacked him on the head | [intr.] she found a stick to whack at the branches. ∎  murder: he was whacked while sitting in his car. • n. 1. a sharp or resounding blow. 2. a try or attempt: we decided to take a whack at spotting the decade's trends. PHRASES: at a (or one) whack at one time: he built twenty houses at one whack.out of whack out of order; not working: all their calculations were out of whack.PHRASAL VERBS: whack off vulgar slang masturbate.DERIVATIVES: whack·er n.

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whackaback, alack, attack, back, black, brack, clack, claque, crack, Dirac, drack, flack, flak, hack, jack, Kazakh, knack, lack, lakh, mac, mach, Nagorno-Karabakh, pack, pitchblack, plaque, quack, rack, sac, sack, shack, shellac, slack, smack, snack, stack, tach, tack, thwack, track, vac, wack, whack, wrack, yak, Zack •cardiac • zodiac •haemophiliac (US hemophiliac), necrophiliac, sacroiliac •umiak •bibliomaniac, dipsomaniac, egomaniac, kleptomaniac, maniac, megalomaniac, monomaniac, nymphomaniac, pyromaniac •insomniac • celeriac • Syriac •hypochondriac • Mauriac • theriac •amnesiac •aphrodisiac, Dionysiac •Dayak, kayak •Kerouac • bivouac

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whack vigorous resounding blow. XVIII. First recorded in Sc.; of imit. orig. (perh. alt. of THWACK).
So vb. XVIII.

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a portion or share.

Examples: whack of booty, 1785; of gold, 1790; of prize money, 1805; of the spoils; of troubles.