Whale Music

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Whale Music ★★ 1994

Off-beat saga of a burned-out rock star and the runaway who invades his life. Desmond Howl (Chaykin) has retreated to a tumble-down estate in the Pacific Northwest, tired of the music grind, and wanting to devote himself to his masterwork—a symphony for whales. Runaway Claire (Preston) provides a surprisingly welcome presence in contrast to Howl's other visitors—ex-wife Fay (Dale), who wants him to sell the estate, rapacious recording exec Kenneth (Welsh), and Howl's brother, singer Daniel (Gross), who happens to be dead and haunting his sibling. Haphazard direction helps dissipate powerful lead performances. Adapted from the novel by Paul Quarrington. 100m/C VHS . CA Maury Chaykin, Cynthia (Cyndy, Cindy) Preston, Jennifer Dale, Kenneth Welsh, Paul Gross; D: Richard J. Lewis; W: Paul Quarrington, Richard J. Lewis; C: Vic Sarin; M: George Blondheim. Genie ‘94: Actor (Chaykin), Song (“Claire”), Sound.