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slush / sləsh/ • n. 1. partially melted snow or ice: the snow was turning into brown slush in the gutters. ∎  watery mud. 2. inf. excessive sentiment: the slush of Hollywood's romantic fifties films. • v. [intr.] make a squelching or splashing sound: there was water slushing around in the galley.

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slush melting snow or ice XVII; liquid mud XVIII. contemp. with synon. SLUDGE, slutch, with which it forms a series of expressive words parallel to ME. sloche, sliche (XIV), sleech (XVI), and SLOSH, to which the closest foreign parallels are Da. †slus sleet, mud, Norw. slusk sloppy ground or weather.

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slushablush, blush, brush, crush, flush, gush, hush, hush-hush, lush, mush, plush, rush, shush, slush, thrush, tush •airbrush, hairbrush •sagebrush • paintbrush • onrush •song thrush • outrush • toothbrush •woodrush • bulrush • uprush

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