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loll / läl/ • v. [intr.] sit, lie, or stand in a lazy, relaxed way: the two girls lolled in their chairs. ∎  hang loosely; droop: he slumped against a tree trunk, his head lolling back her tongue was lolling out between her teeth. ∎  [tr.] stick out (one's tongue) so that it hangs loosely out of the mouth: the boy lolled out his tongue.

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lollboll, Chabrol, Coll, doll, Guignol, haute école, loll, moll, pol, poll, skol, sol, troll, vol •obol • aldol • Panadol • Algol • argol •Gogol • googol • alcohol • glycol •protocol • paracetamol •ethanol, methanol •Sebastopol • Interpol • folderol •cholesterol • Lysol • Limassol •parasol • aerosol • girasol • entresol •atoll •Dettol, metol •sorbitol • capitol • Athol • menthol •benzol

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loll droop, dangle (intr. and trans.); lean idly XIV; hang out (the tongue) XVII. perh. f. a base ult. identical with that of †lill (XVI) hang out the tongue; the orig. meaning may have been ‘allow to hang loose’.

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