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bootyalmighty, Aphrodite, Blighty, flighty, mighty, nightie, whitey •ninety • feisty •dotty, grotty, hottie, knotty, Lanzarote, Lottie, Pavarotti, potty, Scottie, snotty, spotty, totty, yachtie, zloty •lofty, softie •Solti • novelty •Brontë, démenti, Monte, Monty, Visconti •frosty •forty, haughty, naughty, pianoforte, rorty, shorty, sortie, sporty, UB40, warty •balti, faulty, salty •flaunty, jaunty •doughty, outie, pouty, snouty •bounty, county, Mountie •frowsty • viscounty •Capote, coatee, coyote, dhoti, floaty, goaty, oaty, peyote, roti, throaty •jolty •postie, toastie, toasty •hoity-toity • pointy •agouti, beauty, booty, cootie, cutie, Djibouti, duty, fluty, fruity, rooty, snooty, tutti-frutti

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boo·ty1 / ˈboōtē/ • n. valuable stolen goods, esp. those seized in war: the militias supply themselves with booty from the raided civilian populations. ∎ inf. something gained or won: now the booty: four winners will receive prizes. boo·ty2 • n. (pl. -ties) inf. a person's buttocks.

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booty plunder XV. of uncert. orig.; Cf. (O)F. butin (whence Eng. †butin XV–VII) — MLG. būte exchange, distribution.

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