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adventureAsher, clasher, Falasha, flasher, lasher, masher, Natasha, pasha, rasher, Sasha, slasher, smasher, thrasher •haberdasher • gatecrasher • Marsha •rancher •flesher, fresher, pressure, thresher •welsher •adventure, bencher, censure, dementia, front-bencher, trencher, venture, wencher •backbencher • acupressure •acacia, Asia, Croatia, Dalmatia, ex gratia, geisha •Lucretia, magnesia, Rhodesia, Venetia •Fischer, fisher, fissure, justiciar, Laetitia, militia, Patricia, Phoenicia, Tricia •clincher, flincher, lyncher, wincher •Frobisher • furbisher • brandisher •Yiddisher • kingfisher • establisher •embellisher •abolisher, demolisher, polisher •publisher • skirmisher • replenisher •finisher • punisher •burnisher, furnisher •perisher •flourisher, nourisher •Britisher • ravisher • languisher •vanquisher • well-wisher •extinguisher • Elisha

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ad·ven·ture / adˈvenchər; əd-/ • n. an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity: her recent adventures in Italy. ∎  daring and exciting activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm: she traveled the world in search of adventure. ∎ archaic a commercial speculation. • v. [intr.] dated engage in hazardous and exciting activity, esp. the exploration of unknown territory. ∎  [tr.] dated put (something, esp. money or one's life) at risk: he adventured $3,000 in the purchase of land.

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adventure †chance, hazard, risk XIII; hazardous enterprise XIV. ME. aventure — (O)F. :- Rom. *adventūra, sb. use of fut. part. of L. advenīre; see ADVENT, -URE.
So adventure vb. XIV. adventurer XV. adventurous XIV. Aphetic VENTURE.