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life·boat / ˈlīfˌbōt/ • n. a specially constructed boat launched from land to rescue people in distress at sea. ∎  a small boat kept on a ship for use in emergency, typically one of a number on deck or suspended from davits. DERIVATIVES: life·boat·man / -mən/ n. (pl. -men) .

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Lifeboat ★★★½ 1944

When a German U-boat sinks a freighter during WWII, the eight survivors seek refuge in a tiny lifeboat. Tension peaks after the drifting passengers take in a stranded Nazi. Hitchcock saw a great challenge in having the entire story take place in a lifeboat and pulled it off with his usual flourish. In 1989, the film “Dead Calm” replicated the technique. From a story by John Steinbeck. Bankhead shines. 96m/B VHS, DVD . Tallulah Bankhead, John Hodiak, William Bendix, Canada Lee, Walter Slezak, Hume Cronyn, Henry Hull, Mary Anderson, Heather Angel, William Yetter Jr.; D: Alfred Hitchcock; W: Jo Swerling; C: Glen MacWilliams; M: Hugo Friedhofer. N.Y. Film Critics ‘44: Actress (Bankhead).

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