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friend·ly / ˈfrendlē/ • adj. (-li·er , -li·est ) kind and pleasant: they were friendly to me she gave me a friendly smile. ∎  (of a person) on good or affectionate terms: I was friendly with one of the local farmers. ∎  (of a contest) not seriously or unpleasantly competitive or divisive: friendly rivalry between the two schools. ∎ Soccer (of a match) not affecting a team's league standings. ∎  [in comb.] denoting something that is adapted for or is not harmful to a specified thing: an environment-friendly agronomic practice. ∎  favorable or serviceable: trees providing a friendly stage on which seedlings begin to grow. ∎  Mil. (of troops or equipment) of, belonging to, or in alliance with one's own forces. • adv. (also friend·li·ly / -ləlē/ ) in a friendly manner. DERIVATIVES: friend·li·ness n.

views updated

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