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res·er·va·tion / ˌrezərˈvāshən/ • n. 1. the action of reserving something: the reservation of positions for non-Americans. ∎  an arrangement whereby something, esp. a seat or room, is booked or reserved for a particular person: do you have a reservation? ∎  an area of land set aside for occupation by North American Indians or Australian Aboriginals. ∎  Law a right or interest retained in an estate being conveyed. ∎  (in the Roman Catholic Church) the practice of retaining a portion of the consecrated elements after mass for communion of the sick or as a focus for devotion.2. a qualification to an expression of agreement or approval; a doubt: some generals voiced reservations about making air strikes.3. (in the Roman Catholic Church) the action of a superior of reserving to himself the power of absolution. ∎  a right reserved to the pope of nomination to a vacant benefice.


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A clause in a deed of real property whereby the grantor, one who transfers property, creates and retains for the grantor some right or interest in the estate granted, such as rent or aneasement,a right of use over the land of another. A large tract of land that is withdrawn by public authority from sale or settlement and appropriated to specific public uses, such as parks or military posts. A tract of land under the control of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to which an American Indian tribe retains its original title to ownership, or that has been set aside from the public domain for use by a tribe.


Native American Rights.