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pur·chase / ˈpərchəs/ • v. [tr.] 1. acquire (something) by paying for it; buy: Mr. Gill spotted the manuscript at a local auction and purchased it for $1,500. ∎ archaic obtain or achieve with effort or suffering: the victory was purchased by the death of Rhiwallon.2. Naut. haul in (a rope or cable) or haul up (an anchor) by means of a pulley, lever, etc.• n. 1. the action of buying something: the large number of videos currently available for purchase| we carefully make our purchases after consulting each other. ∎  a thing that has been bought: she stowed her purchases in the car. ∎  Law the acquisition of property by means other than inheritance. ∎  archaic the annual rent or return from land.2. a hold or position on something for applying power advantageously, or the advantage gained by such application: the horse's hooves fought for purchase on the slippery pavement | [in sing.] an attempt to gain a purchase on the soft earth. ∎  a block and tackle.DERIVATIVES: pur·chas·a·ble adj.pur·chas·er n.


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purchase † contrive, devise XIII; † procure, acquire; buy XIV; (naut.) haul in or up XVI. — AN. purchacer, OF. pourchacier seek to obtain, procure, f. intensive pur-, por-, pour- (:— L. PRO-1) + chacier (mod. chasser) CHASE1.
So sb. XIII.


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To buy; the transfer of property from one person to another by an agreement. Under theuniform commercial code(UCC), taking by sale, discount, negotiation, mortgage, pledge, lien, issue, reissue, gift, or any voluntary transaction.

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