views updated May 18 2018

in·crim·i·nate / inˈkriməˌnāt/ • v. [tr.] make (someone) appear guilty of a crime or wrongdoing; strongly imply the guilt of (someone): he refused to answer questions in order not to incriminate himself | [as adj.] (incriminating) incriminating evidence. DERIVATIVES: in·crim·i·na·tion / -ˌkriməˈnāshən/·crim·i·na·to·ry / -nəˌtôrē/ adj.


views updated May 09 2018

incriminate charge with a crime XVIII; involve in an accusation, inculpate XIX. f. pp. stem of late L. incrīmināre accuse, f. IN-1 + crīmen charge; see CRIME, -ATE3.
So incrimination XVII.


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To charge with a crime; to expose to an accusation or a charge of crime; to involve oneself or another in a criminal prosecution or the danger thereof; as in the rule that a witness is not bound to give testimony that would tend to incriminate him or her.