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fo·ren·sic / fəˈrenzik; -sik/ • adj. of, relating to, or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime: forensic evidence. ∎  of or relating to courts of law. • n. (forensics) scientific tests or techniques used in connection with the detection of crime. ∎  (also forensic) [treated as sing. or pl.] inf. a laboratory or department responsible for such tests. DERIVATIVES: fo·ren·si·cal·ly / -(ə)lē/ adv.

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forensichomeopathic, polymathic, psychopathic, telepathic •ethic •Eolithic, megalithic, Mesolithic, monolithic, mythic, neolithic, Palaeolithic (US Paleolithic) •Gothic, Visigothic •Sothic • anacoluthic •Narvik, Slavic •pelvic • civic • Bolshevik • Ludovic •Keflavik • Menshevik • Reykjavik •Chadwick • candlewick • Gatwick •Sedgwick • Prestwick • bailiwick •Warwick • Brunswick • Lerwick •Herdwick • Ashkenazic • Keswick •forensic •aphasic, phasic •amnesic, analgesic, mesic •metaphysic • music

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forensic pert. to courts of law. XVII. f. L. forēnsis, f. forum; see FORUM, -IC.

views updated


Belonging to courts of justice.

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