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Incopyrightlaw the first publication of a work that does not comply with the requirements relating to copyright notice and which therefore permits anyone to legally republish it. The gift of land—or aneasement, that is, a right of use of the property of another—by the owner to the government for public use, and accepted for such use by or on behalf of the public.

The owner of the land does not retain any rights that are inconsistent with the complete exercise and enjoyment of the public uses to which the property has been committed.

A dedication is express where the gift is formally declared, but it can also be implied by operation of law from the owner's actions and the facts and circumstances of the case.

A dedication may be made under common law or pursuant to the requirements of statute. A common-law dedication is not subject to the statute of frauds, an english law adopted in the United States, which provides that certain agreements must be in writing. Therefore, a common-law dedication does not have to be expressed in writing to be effective; it is based on estoppel. If the landowner indicates that his or her land is to be used for a public purpose and public use then occurs, the landowner is estopped, or prevented, from refuting the existence of the public right.

An express common-law dedication is one in which the intent is explicitly indicated—such as by ordinary deeds or recorded plats, which are maps showing the locations and boundaries of individual land parcels subdivided into lots—but the execution of the dedication has not been in accordance with law or certification of it has been defective so as not to constitute a statutory dedication.

A statutory dedication is necessarily express, since it is executed pursuant to, and in conformity with, the provisions of a statute regulating the subject. It cannot be implied from the circumstances of the case.

A dedication can result from the contrary exclusive use of land by the public pursuant to a claim of right with the knowledge, actual or attributed, and the acceptance of the owner. This method is known as dedication by adverse user.

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ded·i·ca·tion / ˌdediˈkāshən/ • n. 1. the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose: dedication to duties. 2. the words with which a book or other work is dedicated. ∎  the action of formally opening a building or other facility for public use: the dedication and unveiling was attended by some 5,000 people. ∎  the action of dedicating a church or other building to a deity or saint. ∎  an inscription dedicating a church or other building in this way.

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Dedication ★ 2007 (R)

Henry Roth (Crudup), the most neurotic, compulsive children's book writer on the planet, finds himself without an illustrator after his collaborator Rudy (Wilkinson) dies suddenly. Henry and Rudy have had one big success together entitled “Marty the Beaver,” and now Henry's editor forces a new illustrator, Lucy Reilly (Moore), on him to complete a “Marty” follow-up. Not easily accommodating change, Henry hates her, which isn't a surprise since he hates nearly everything. But wait, this is a romantic comedy, so of course his tune changes. Complications ensue in the forms of Rudy's ghost and Lucy's ex-lover, as well as her kooky mother. Worth a whirl if you can't get enough of the rom-com formula. 111m/C DVD . US Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore, Tom Wilkinson, Bob Balaban, Dianne Wiest, Bobby Cannavale, Christine Taylor, Peter Bogdano-vich, Martin Freeman; D: Justin Theroux; W: David Bromberg; C: Stephen Kazmierski; M: Ed Shearmur.

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164. Dedication

  1. Quixote, Don spends his life redressing the wrongs of the whole world. [Sp. Lit.: Cervantes Don Quixote ]
  2. Rieux, Dr. remains in Algeria to care for plague victims and loses his wife to it. [Fr. Lit.: Albert Camus The Plague ]
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This book is dedicated to the memory of John C. Wright, whose life tragically ended in the summer of 2001. John was a leading researcher and teacher in the field of child development, and an out-spoken and passionate advocate for children and other groups who did not have a voice of their own. His legacy is in the hundreds of students he taught and in the colleagues he influenced to be better, more involved, and more concerned people.

The good things in life last for limited days, but a good name endures forever.

from The Wisdom of Ben Sira

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