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cor·rob·o·rate / kəˈräbəˌrāt/ • v. [tr.] confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding): the witness had corroborated the boy's account of the attack.DERIVATIVES: cor·rob·o·ra·tion / kəˌräbəˈrāshən/ n.cor·rob·o·ra·tive / -ˈräb(ə)rətiv/ adj.cor·rob·o·ra·tor / -ˌrātər/ n.cor·rob·o·ra·to·ry / -ˈräb(ə)rəˌtôrē/ adj.


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corroborate strengthen, confirm XVI; support (an opinion, etc.) by concurrent evidence XVIII. f. pp. stem of L. corrōborāre, f. COR- + rōborāre strengthen, f. rōbur strength; see ROBUST, -ATE 3.
So corroboration XV. — F. or late L.


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To support or enhance the believability of a fact or assertion by the presentation of additional information that confirms the truthfulness of the item.

The testimony of a witness is corroborated if subsequent evidence, such as a coroner's report or the testimony of other witnesses, substantiates it.