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ac·cord / əˈkôrd/ • v. 1. [tr.] give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition): the powers accorded to ahead of state. 2. [intr.] (accord with) (of a concept or fact) be harmonious or consistent with. • n. an official agreement or treaty. ∎  agreement or harmony: the government and the rebels are in accord on one point. PHRASES: in accord with according to. of its own accord without outside intervention: the rash may go away of its own accord. of one's own accord voluntarily. with one accord in a united way.

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accord vb. XII. — OF. acorder (mod. acc-) :- Rom. *accordāre, f. AC-, after concordāre agree (see CONCORD).
So accord sb. XIII. accordance XIV. The use of according as adv. dates from XV.

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accordaboard, abroad, accord, afford, applaud, award, bawd, board, broad, chord, Claude, cord, ford, fraud, gaud, Gawd, hoard, horde, laud, lord, maraud, milord, sward, sword, toward, unawed, unexplored, unrestored, ward •fjord

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An agreement that settles a dispute, generally requiring an obligee to accept a compromise or satisfaction from the obligor with something less than what was originally demanded. Also often used synonymously with treaty.

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accord (Fr.).
1. Chord.

2. ‘Tuning’.

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