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peddleaddle, paddle, saddle, skedaddle, staddle, straddle •candle, Coromandel, dandle, Handel, handle, mishandle, Randall, sandal, scandal, vandal •manhandle, panhandle •packsaddle • side-saddle •backpedal, heddle, medal, meddle, pedal, peddle, treadle •Grendel, Kendall, Lendl, Mendel, Rendell, sendal, Wendell •cradle, ladle •beadle, bipedal, credal, needle, wheedle •diddle, fiddle, griddle, kiddle, Liddell, middle, piddle, riddle, twiddle •brindle, dwindle, kindle, spindle, swindle, Tyndale •paradiddle, taradiddle •pyramidal • apsidal •bridal, bridle, fratricidal, genocidal, germicidal, homicidal, idle, idol, infanticidal, insecticidal, intertidal, matricidal, parricidal, patricidal, pesticidal, regicidal, sidle, suicidal, tidal, tyrannicidal, uxoricidal •coddle, doddle, model, noddle, swaddle, toddle, twaddle, waddle •fondle, rondel •mollycoddle •caudal, chordal, dawdle •poundal, roundel •Gödel, modal, yodel •crinoidal •boodle, caboodle, canoodle, doodle, feudal, noodle, poodle, strudel, udal •befuddle, cuddle, fuddle, huddle, muddle, puddle, ruddle •bundle, trundle •prebendal • synodal •antipodal, tripodal •citadel •curdle, engirdle, girdle, hurdle •dirndl

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ped·dle / ˈpedl/ • v. [tr.] try to sell (something, esp. small goods) by going from house to house or place to place: he peddled art and printing materials around the country. ∎  sell (an illegal drug or stolen item): [as n.] (peddling) certain youths who were involved in theft and drug peddling. ∎ derog. promote (an idea or view) persistently or widely: he criticized his fellow candidate for peddling risky ideas.

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ped·dler / ˈpedlər; ˈpedl-ər/ (also ped·lar) • n. a person who goes from place to place selling small goods. ∎  a person who sells illegal drugs or stolen goods: a drug peddler. ∎  a person who promotes an idea or view persistently or widely: peddlers of dangerous Utopianism.

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A. follow the occupation of a pedlar XVI;

B. busy oneself with trifles XVI. First recorded in peddling; in A back-formation from peddler, PEDLAR; in B prob. var. of PIDDLE by assoc. in form and sense with A.

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