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mu·tu·al / ˈmyoōchoōəl/ • adj. 1. (of a feeling or action) experienced or done by each of two or more parties toward the other or others: a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding | my father hated him from the start, and the feeling was mutual. ∎  (of two or more people) having the same specified relationship to each other: they were mutual beneficiaries of the settlement. 2. held in common by two or more parties: we were introduced by a mutual friend. ∎  denoting an insurance company or other corporate organization owned by its members and dividing some or all of its profits between them.

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mutualdenial, dial, espial, Lyall, mistrial, myall, Niall, phial, trial, vial, viol •sundial •knawel, withdrawal •avowal, Baden-Powell, bowel, disembowel, dowel, Howell, Powell, rowel, towel, trowel, vowel •semivowel •bestowal, koel, Lowell, Noel •loyal, royal, viceroyal •accrual, construal, crewel, cruel, dual, duel, fuel, gruel, jewel, newel, renewal, reviewal •eschewal •artefactual (US artifactual), contractual, factual, tactual •perpetual •aspectual, effectual, intellectual •conceptual, perceptual •contextual, textual •habitual, ritual •conflictual • instinctual • spiritual •mutual • punctual • virtual • casual •audio-visual, televisual, visual •usual • gradual • individual •menstrual • actual •asexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, psychosexual, sexual, transsexual, unisexual •accentual, conventual, eventual •Samuel •annual, biannual, Emanuel, Emmanuel, manual •Lemuel •consensual, sensual •continual

views updated

mutual felt or done by each to the other XV; respective; pert. to both, common XVI. — (O)F. mutuel, f. L. mūtuus borrowed, mutual:- *moitwos, f. IE. *moi- change, as in mūtāre; see MUTABLE, -AL1.

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