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If you love hiking, camping, being outdoors, and have a concern that future generations will not have the opportunity to enjoy our natural resources,

then becoming a conservationist may be the career for you. Conservation is based on collecting, processing, and managing data regarding water, wildlife, land, vegetation, and the environment.

The need for conservationists has arisen because of the demands on natural resources. The formal education required to be a conservationist includes a college degree in the sciences and probably an advanced degree in an area of specialty. With an education geared toward conservation, there are a variety of jobs that one could attain. Data collection would be an appropriate job for someone who prefers to be outside interacting with nature. Another job might entail working with environmental policy, regulations, and legislation. Yet another could be working in higher education, sharing the field of environmental awareness.

Conservationists use mathematics when dealing with measurement, statistics, and technology. Collecting data regarding populations and quantities of land or resources is done first. Depending on the type of information being collected, computers can sometimes aid in the collection process. Information is entered into a computer to be organized and evaluated. With the increased popularity and necessity for this field, new programs and technology are emerging to make the details more complete and informative. Conservationists are looking for trends and continually assess and monitor natural resources to assist in developing strategies for their conservation.

see also Global Positioning System.

Elizabeth Sweeney


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