Van Peursen, C(ornelis) A(nthonie) (1920-)

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Van Peursen, C(ornelis) A(nthonie) (1920-)

Dutch professor of philosophy who has written on parapsychology. He was born July 8, 1920, at Rotterdam, Netherlands. His educational career was interrupted by World War II but he completed his doctorate in 1948 at the University of Leiden. After several years with the Netherlands Committee for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (1948-50), he taught successively at the University of Utrecht (1950-53), the University of Groningen (1953-60), and, since 1960, at the University of Leiden. He has shown an interest in psychical research and was a member of the editorial board of a Dutch parapsychology journal.


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Van Peursen, C(ornelis) A(nthonie) (1920-)

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