The Most Popular Prayers of Americans

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The Most Popular Prayers of Americans

According to a 2001 survey on the prayer habits of Americans conducted by Yankelovich Partners for Lutheran Brotherhood, nine out of 10 adults responded by saying that they prayed regularly. When asked what they most often prayed for, 98 percent answered that they prayed most frequently for their own family members. Petitions for the children of the world were designated for 81 percent of the prayers; 77 percent for world peace, and 69 percent for the needs and concerns of their co-workers.

In an earlier survey (c. 1992), Andrew M. Greeley, the sociologist-novelist-priest, and his research center found that 78 percent of Americans pray at least once a week and 57 percent pray at least once a day. Combining the statistics of the Father Greeley research with those of a Gallup and Poloma poll, it was revealed that 91 percent of women pray, as do 85 percent of men. Twenty-six percent of those who pray say that they regularly sense the strong presence of God, and 32 percent feel a deep sense of peace.


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The Most Popular Prayers of Americans

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