Flint, Leslie (ca. 1911-1994)

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Flint, Leslie (ca. 1911-1994)

Noted British medium who specialized in independent direct voice communications (i.e., voice phenomena purported to be from dead individuals that originate a little above the medium's head and to one side, without the use of his or her vocal cords). In some 35 years of mediumship, Leslie Flint was tested by a number of psychical researchers using electrical devices, but nothing of a fraudulent nature was discovered. William R. Bennett, professor of electrical engineering at Columbia University, New York, tested Flint in 1970 and stated, "My experience with Mr. Flint is first hand; I have heard the independent voices. Furthermore, modern investigation techniques not available in earlier tests corroborate. that the voices are not his."

Bennett also discounted the possibility of accomplices. In a few instances Flint conveyed messages from living individuals who were either in a coma or deep sleep at the time. Flint, a dedicated Spiritualist, places emphasis on providing evidence of survival after death.

During the 1940s Flint had several private sittings with film star Mae West when she visited London. He also visited her in Hollywood during his short American tour in 1949. He retired from public séance work in 1976. The next year he was named "Spiritualist of the Year" by readers of the British newspaper Psychic News.


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